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"Peace Within The Music" yme

Singer Songwriter, UK born, YME (Yvonne-Marie Evans) has been writing original music / songs since her teens.
To date she has released 4 albums "Landmarks" Released summer 2014 / "Kaleidoscope" released Winter 2008, "Dead To The World" Released Spring 2007 & "Gods Choice Or Mine" in 2002, along with 11 singles releases, from her own record label "YME MUSIC" & Publishing Company "Yvonne Marie Evans Music (BMI) She is also the founder of "YME ENTERTAINMENTS".
YME single "One More Day" released internationally in May 2015 promised to bring magic to the ears & it did just that! winning her acclaim within the UK and international songwriting competitions.
YME latest single release "If I Could" Released internationally on 15th July 2016 is what you call a power house of a song!
It shines through her natural songwriting capabilities like no other!
YME is currently writing new material in the UK & working on her 5th album, to be released early 2017.

Her song "Kaleidoscope" made it all the way to the finals of the 2013 "song of the year" international song writing competition.
as well as her songs "Fallin" & "Kaleidoscope" & "The War" all making a semi-finalist position in the UK Song writing competition "UKSC" in previous years
Her song "One More Day" also won a semi-finalist position in the 2015 UKSC songwriting competition.
YME embarked to Toronto, Canada in 2005 where she worked with two producers & an artist management company & released 2 solo singles "Contemplating What" & "Oh Daddy" that got airplay on Canadian radio during 2005.
 “Contemplating What” the remix single, was due to be the soundtrack of a U.S TV show called “Ice Cops” who also brought you “Miami Vice” but the show got dropped and with that went the song to her dismay.
She isn’t one to give up & will do everything in her power to be an internationally recognised songwriter and artist and with the continued support from her loyal fan base she's sure to do just that!

Before I go into this firstly I have to say I'm 100% original and write all my own material inclusively but as a rough guide people have compared me to the likes of -

"The cranberries"
"A Female song writing version of "Kurt Cobain"
"Alanis Morrisette"

If you have the time take a listen to my songs & judge for yourself, "Kaleidoscope" & "Fallin" along with "The War" & One More Day" & my latest single release "If I Could" are my favourite songs to date.

Yvonne-Marie Evans

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